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How It Works


2 Piece product : The Shade & the Decorative Lens.
Shade is the lamp/light, lenses are the decorative touch! 
  1. Push the on/off button underneath the shade
  2. No need for a plug, or base. Just place onto any bottle or thin vase. The bottle's neck will tap the touch button and the shade will light up. 
  3. To turn the BottleBrite™ lightning shade off,  simply press the button and the shade will no longer glow. 


It's that simple! It's that easy!

BottleBrite How To

Product Features:

Comes in packs of 2, 4, 6, & 12
You can purchase additional interchangeable shade patterns separately (click here to browse)
Endless possibilities
Shade remains cool to the touch
Uses 3AA Batteries-not included
Batteries Not Included
LED Bulb- 5,000 hours life Minimum